What to do when you lose your Canadian passport in Australia?

Canada embassy in Sydney is a lot of help to those who need passports issued to them in time.

There are high charges which have to be paid for the issuance of passport. It includes a cash charge of 190 AUD. You can give your application for substitution of passport. For a passport that is lost and needs to replaced, an additional replacement fee of 45 AUD needs to be paid. The fees have to be paid in Australian dollars and it can be done via a bank draft. Apart from the Canada Embassy in Sydney, it’s also located in Canberra.

You can get information about the visa application to Canada from the Canada Embassy in Sydney.

There are various kinds of consular services which are provided: 

Child abduction: Sometimes, there can be issues when you are traveling abroad with your children. Your kids can get abducted. In that kind of scenario, you can seek help from the Canada Embassy in Sydney. It helps you relocate where your child is together in help with the local agencies.

Parental abduction: This might happen when one of the parents takes the child to Canada. This may happen when the child is taken away from Canada to a place without your consent. You can inform the Canada embassy in Sydney about such abduction when the child has come to Australia with a single parent. Australia requires that the child must have a consent letter signed by the other parent who is not accompanying the child to Australia.

This consent letter has to be shown before the child can be allowed entry into Australia. For this consent letter, the child should be less than 18 years of age. Canadian immigration authorities are quite strict about this letter. Apart from that, they can also want to see the letter when the child comes back to Canada. It is mandatory for the parent who has custody of the child to sign this letter. Since you are supposed to sign the letter as the custodial parent of the child, you must so in the presence of the notary public, so that no questions arise concerning its authenticity.  It’s also important to know whether your custodial rights of the child are given any recognition in Australia because then you might not be allowed to go out of the country with your offspring. You can also take precautionary measures to check that no one can take the child to Australia without your consent. In that case, you have to make sure that the passport of a child is not prepared without your knowledge. Within Canada, you can take measures to stop the same from happening. There is a System Lookout List of Passport Canada with which you can register yourself so that the passport of the child is not prepared without the custodian’s knowledge.

It’s better to get in touch with the Canada embassy in Sydney to know about your rights as a custodian of the child in Australia. 


Manitoba generates 173 invites for all its streams

Manitoba selects 173 candidates through three streams. These three streams are Skilled workers in Manitoba, Manitoba skilled workers overseas and the International Education stream.

These three streams have been responsible for getting the best of talent for the stream of Manitoba.

Canada PR visa process implies that the skilled worker in Manitoba get invited here for residence. 24 candidates were selected who had an Express Entry profile. Apart from that, such candidates must also have experience in the in-demand occupations of this province.

Skilled worker in Manitoba

147 Letters of advice to apply were given to visa aspirants who had applied as per the skilled worker in Manitoba category. Skilled workers were however given points as per the Manitoba points system and points of 567 were needed to get shortlisted. The basic 2 conditions for this job are that the visa aspirant must have been chosen for a job in this province and must already be working here.

Skilled worker overseas

This is a Canada PR visa process stream and 22 visa aspirants were selected as per this stream. Candidates were picked through this stream when they were shortlisted by the strategic recruitment initiative.

This is how workers working abroad were selected.

In the October 10 draw, candidates were a score of 718 were selected.

Visa aspirants were also selected through the international graduate stream. And 24 letters of advice to apply were sent. This stream has 3 further subcategories which are:

Graduate internship

This subcategory requires someone to get selected if someone has a post-graduation level degree like doctoral or masters from a Manitoba based institution. Apart from that, he must have a CLB 7 level score. The visa aspirant in this category must have a proper income balance for 6 months. Without that, he cant go to Manitoba. However, this settlement fund requirement is waived off once the visa aspirant has been chosen for a job in this province.

The other substream in the international graduate stream is the Career Employment pathway:

  • The visa aspirant needs to show evidence for his English language skills with a score of CLB 7.
  • Must have been selected for a 1-year job in the in-demand occupations list of this province by an employer of Manitoba.

International student

This Canada PR visa process substream chooses those visa aspirants who have been functioning a business in this province for the last 6 months on a temporary work permit. The visa aspirant must also have an ownership equity of 51% in the business. Before starting a business in Manitoba, you have to sign a Business Performance Agreement, which states the results to be yielded by the business.

Why Manitoba?

Manitoba is a cosmopolitan province with so many languages spoken here. This place consists of 200 languages used here. Manitoba has the best living conditions which include good health care and education. The population of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba is also low at 7,50,000.


How Canada embassy in Sydney does help you in adverse situations?

When you reach a foreign county, everything is unpredictable and uncertain.

You can seek help from the Canada Embassy in Sydney when you have left your home to Australia. If somehow you get arrested abroad, then you ask the Australian authorities which have made the arrest, to inform the Canada embassy of Sydney. However, they don’t need to do so.

Canadians who get into trouble abroad can get help from the Canada embassy of Sydney about the lawyers who can help them. They can also make sure that the arrested Canadians can get in touch with relatives or friends way back at home. After returning to Canada, you have to announce the following items on the declaration card. These items include all those items like alcoholic beverages, tobacco products if you have cash of 10,000 CAD or higher. 

Even animals and related products have to be announced before you gain entry into Canada.

What to do when you are in Australia?

You can register yourself with the Registration of Canadian Abroad so that all the information about your folks back at home reaches you in time. This is how the Government of Canada is in contact with you when you are in Australia. Apart from registering yourself with such a service, you can also register with the Canada embassy in Sydney so that you stay abreast of the developments at home. 

There are also important precautions you can take, before leaving for a country or Australia.

  • Make sure that your friends and relatives know about your itinerary.
  • Your friends and family should have all the information about the Canadian embassy in Sydney and Canberra.

It’s important to know the regulations to drive in Australia. You can drive in Australia once you have the international driver’s license. You can easily get your international driver’s license in the province where you live.

How can the Canada embassy in Sydney help you if an emergency strikes?

If somehow a big emergency strikes when you are in Australia, then you can contact the Canada embassy in Sydney. This is important that thecandidates can be moved away from the country where the disaster has struck. Canada has signed such evacuation agreements with many countries such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia. When you travel to a certain location through the help of the government of Canada, you will get an invoice in 1 month about the costs incurred.

It’s important to assess the situation before going to a country. This situation can be assessed by checking any travel advice and advisories for the destination. If any travel advisory is generated, then it’s better to be prepared for a higher kind of coverage to be taken for travel insurance.

If you face an emergency, then you can contact the Emergency and Watch Center in Ottawa if unable to reach the Canada embassy in Sydney. This is how Canadian embassies are helping Canadian citizens all over the world.