How Canada embassy in Sydney does help you in adverse situations?

When you reach a foreign county, everything is unpredictable and uncertain.

You can seek help from the Canada Embassy in Sydney when you have left your home to Australia. If somehow you get arrested abroad, then you ask the Australian authorities which have made the arrest, to inform the Canada embassy of Sydney. However, they don’t need to do so.

Canadians who get into trouble abroad can get help from the Canada embassy of Sydney about the lawyers who can help them. They can also make sure that the arrested Canadians can get in touch with relatives or friends way back at home. After returning to Canada, you have to announce the following items on the declaration card. These items include all those items like alcoholic beverages, tobacco products if you have cash of 10,000 CAD or higher. 

Even animals and related products have to be announced before you gain entry into Canada.

What to do when you are in Australia?

You can register yourself with the Registration of Canadian Abroad so that all the information about your folks back at home reaches you in time. This is how the Government of Canada is in contact with you when you are in Australia. Apart from registering yourself with such a service, you can also register with the Canada embassy in Sydney so that you stay abreast of the developments at home. 

There are also important precautions you can take, before leaving for a country or Australia.

  • Make sure that your friends and relatives know about your itinerary.
  • Your friends and family should have all the information about the Canadian embassy in Sydney and Canberra.

It’s important to know the regulations to drive in Australia. You can drive in Australia once you have the international driver’s license. You can easily get your international driver’s license in the province where you live.

How can the Canada embassy in Sydney help you if an emergency strikes?

If somehow a big emergency strikes when you are in Australia, then you can contact the Canada embassy in Sydney. This is important that thecandidates can be moved away from the country where the disaster has struck. Canada has signed such evacuation agreements with many countries such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia. When you travel to a certain location through the help of the government of Canada, you will get an invoice in 1 month about the costs incurred.

It’s important to assess the situation before going to a country. This situation can be assessed by checking any travel advice and advisories for the destination. If any travel advisory is generated, then it’s better to be prepared for a higher kind of coverage to be taken for travel insurance.

If you face an emergency, then you can contact the Emergency and Watch Center in Ottawa if unable to reach the Canada embassy in Sydney. This is how Canadian embassies are helping Canadian citizens all over the world.

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